Sunday, March 26, 2023


Designers or Vendors of NPPs can apply for an assessment of one of their designs versus the present version of the EUR document. The result of each specific design assessment is one subset of EUR Volume 3.
The conditions to be met by a nuclear project to be considered as an acceptable candidate to the EUR volume 3 are listed in FAQ 10 “Which designs could be selected for the EUR Volume 3”.
The EUR organisation issued 3 documents to give some guidance about design assessments:

  • 1) “General Assessment Principles” defines the standardised processes to initiate, plan and operate EUR-assessment projects,
  • 2) “EUR pre-assessment – 53 key requirements of EUR Revision E” lists the EUR key requirements selected by the EUR-organisation to be pre-assessed by the Vendors to get confidence that their design will be generally in line with the EUR-document,
  • 3) “EUR Design Assessment - Guidelines for the Project Manual” provides a template to simplify the creation of specific project manuals for assessment projects. This document is focused on the assessment phase.

The 3 documents are downloadable here: